using Rosengarten, cutting .wave

Eva Vossmerbäumer eva.vossmerbaumer at
Tue Sep 2 00:27:14 BST 2008

*Hello everyone!

I am Eva, new here, a violinist wanting to use those wonderful Ubuntu tools
to be able to tinker with the music recordings I have just made with a

I need to first of all cut a large wave file into separate pieces....

(As you might notice, I am pioneering the use of creative media software -
but maybe one of you has a helpful push for me?!)

So I downloaded the program * Rosengarten *...
.wave does not seem to be supported in there.
Do I need another sequencing program, in order to simply cut that wave file?
Which one?

And Rosengarten (I might want to use it for other things) tells me to run
the JACK server.
In which settings do I find him...? Help Ubuntu does not give me any result
for JACK.

I anybody knows, or just works with Rosengarten himself, or knows anything
else, I am very grateful to know.
Thank you a lot,

and greetings from New York,
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