Selecting Hardware for Music Production

Sean Darby sean at
Wed Oct 22 21:33:10 BST 2008

I heard the Emu 1616M is a good choice, though it's also $450. It
includes an internal sound card for the computer and an external device
for connecting instruments/mics/etc.

I'm also interested in getting a mixer to go along with this.

As an alternative for an internal sound card, I came across this:

...though I am unaware of the value in that, and if I am getting a mixer
perhaps I should get something similar to the Emu 1616 regardless.

Does anybody know if there is a more affordable alternative to the Emu

Here's a Yamaha small mixer that might go well with my computer:

...unless there are better alternatives?

Here's the Emu 1616M:

After I decide on computer hardware and mixer, I will get a mic,
possibly a Shure SM57...

Thank you in advance for any input.

Sean Darby

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