Windows network gone - I can no longer see it.

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Fri Oct 17 21:17:02 BST 2008

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aYo Binitie wrote:
> I'm trying to access Windows shares, on a windows workgroup. That's
> all :(
Forget the GUI tool for now (we are troubleshooting now)

- From the command line:

smbclient -L //computername -U username

The computer name is the name of the computer you are connecting to.
The username is one that exists on the target machine.

If you get an error like this:

then that means that name resolution is broken.  There are two solutions
(technically 3):

1) create entries in /etc/hosts that map names to ip addresses
1B) Set up a DNS server to do name lookups.  This is what I do but some
people find this scary and it is an overkill solution.
2) connect with IP addresses

So, instead of a name, use the IP address
smbclient -L // -U username

Also, in my house I map all the network drives.  So on windows machines
all network shares get drive letters, under linux they get mount points
(as defined in /etc/fstab or whatever GUI front end you use).  Relying
on the workgroup browser is a bad idea, even in a purely windows
network.  I have had a home network long before I got into Linux in the
'90s so this approach is born of years of hard earned experience.
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