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Sat Nov 29 09:58:16 GMT 2008

Both Apple and Microsoft are greedy for-profit corporations, just out to get our cash for as little effort as possible. The bottom line for any corporation is to maximize profit, which means providing as little of their own investment as they can to extract as much of ours as they can. This is "The American Way", unfortunately. What ever happened to producing good products for a fair price? 

This is the genius of Ubuntu and some other Linux distros. Value for nothing more than good will. Imagine if everyone worked that way at least a little bit. 

It's good to read about Brazil's consumer protection policies. Europe also has progressive laws. Sadly, especially for us who live here, the USA has become the domain of the helpless consumer victims of big money. Cell phones here are manufactured to only work for one phone company. Imagine if you bought a car that only could use fuel from one oil company, or a PC that could only use one operating system. This does not sound like freedom.

Meanwhile, back on topic, I like my HPs, I have two because I liked the first one so much that when my wife wanted it, I bought another for myself. And one reason was the audio. Actually, the speakers in the HP just sounded better than any other notebook and I use mine for audio. The really great thing about my HP's has been that they just work, never have to rebuild the O/S (even Windows) and they're pretty Ubuntu friendly. My Dell Inspiron has not been so good though and that's why I bought my first HP. 

For work, I'm provided with a Lenovo T60. It runs Ubuntu great from a thumbdrive, so I don't dink with my production drive at all. I really like the reliability and the natural ergonomics and generous layout of the Lenovo too. I might have bought one for personal use instead of the HP, but I wanted a touchscreen and got a much better price on the HP tx2510 than a T61 was costing. The tx is not running perfect yet in Ubuntu, but it's very new technology and getting pretty close to how I want it. The older HP zd7100 loves Ubuntu. It needs NDIS wrapper for wifi, that was the only minor glitch I had with it.


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