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Daniel Green octoberdan at
Fri Nov 28 01:17:33 GMT 2008

It would be cool if we could ensemble some laptops preloaded with
UbuntuStudio and perhaps had some kind of contest with them as prizes,
or something. It seems like a fun project for the community to
undertake. We could vote on it piece by piece and document the
process. We could then release a guide on building a laptop DAW and
promote UbuntuStudio in the same swing.

On Thu, Nov 27, 2008 at 10:31 PM,  <hollunder at> wrote:
> On Thu, 27 Nov 2008 01:25:35 +0100
> Gerhard Lang <lang.gerhard at> wrote:
>> There are many users out there with low budgets, like me trying ubuntu
>> studio because they are looking for alternatives from MS-dependency
>> and for them Apple-products even more are out of range.
>> I'm lucky with a nexoc osiris s620ii, a barebone, my configuration is
>> Intel cpu medium speed dualcore and chipsets,  FW, 4G RAM,  320 G HD,
>> ~700€ wto OS in Germany 9/08. Edirol FW101 as sound interface. I'm
>> messing around with live-played sw-synths, wine, wineasio, reaper,
>> vst, especially korg MS20 legacy, synchronous instrument and voice
>> recording. For low latency audio performance this machine is much
>> better then an other notebook with amd64x2 processor, nvidia chipset
>> and 3d graphics. This notebook solution is for life performance and
>> recording, so it has to be small, light weighted and needs no
>> 3d-gamer-screen. For more elaborated production and composition you
>> either will use stationary machines with >20" screens.
> I'm kind of curious about barebone. I'm thinking about getting a laptop
> or netbook but barebone sounds interesting to me. Wouldn't a barebone
> kind of allow one to get the best stuff there is?
> I know that barebones are quite common for normal boxes but I don't
> really have experience with laptops and wonder about the ups and downs..
> Philipp
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