[Bulk] Re: mac x pc (was: Audio Production Laptop)

Pietro Bergamo bergamopietro at yahoo.com.br
Wed Nov 26 18:38:20 GMT 2008

Em Qua, 2008-11-26 às 10:47 -0500, Christopher Stamper escreveu:

> This is serious flamebait... ;-)

Yes, you're right. And there's nothing more pointless than a dicsussion
like this here. Forgive me, please.

Maybe it would be more useful to see some comparisons on the performance
of Ubuntu Studio and/or other Linux audio distros on mac, dell, intel
and other brands of laptops with similar configurations or price ranges.

Has anyone ever done tests like these?

Once again forgive me if I started a flamewar or offended someone. It
was not my intention.


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