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> > It is lesser evil to pay the money to Apple, that
> > pretty much avoids MS getting funded with Linux laptops which
> > otherwise forcefully come with Windows installed even if the customer
> > does not want that.
> >
> > Karoliina
> >
> Why so? Aren't they both just corporations seeking their profits? Why
> would it be more or less evil to give your money to any of them? I don't
> want to sound rude, but AFAIK you can't buy Linux macbook, can you?
> You're forced to swallow Mac OS, even if you don't want to. :^)

This is serious flamebait... ;-)

Anyway, I have to agree with you. If you're buying a computer to prove
something, then by all means do not get anything that runs mac or windows.

Seriously, though - I buy a computer because I wanted that particular
machine. Not to support a company (If you're concerned about supporting some
'evil' company, then don't get a mac: the *entire* purchase goes to the
company, rather than just the OS price). I think it's dumb to try to
'boycott' a company, just because they are trying to make money for

Sure, it's a waste of money to buy an OS bundled, if you're not going to use
it. But really, the OEM price of the OS is very, _very_ small.

Buying a computer just because of some silly Apple logo is another story,
though... :-)

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