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> Karoliina Salminen wrote:
> >> I agree.  The premium payed for Macs is not reflected in the actual
> >> hardware used.  I just priced out a loaded Dell Latitude E6400, which
> >> fully loaded is the same price as the starter Macbook.  The Dell is
> >> using a better CPU, double the RAM, a fast hard drive (7200 RPM laptop
> >> drive) etc.  It just doesn't make sense unless you actually care about
> >> the solid aluminum body :)
> >
> > I have 7200 rpm laptop drive on my older Macbook and I upgraded the
> > RAM to 4GB using cheap Mac compatible RAMs (other than sold by Apple)
> > and the setup works fine.
> Those cost extra, putting the cost benefit ratio further out for me.
> >
> > And I do care about the solid aluminium body. The older model did not
> > have that, but even with that I have been pretty happy. The build
> > quality is excellent. I have used Dells for couple of years and I can
> > not say the same for their build quality, they are cheap crap where
> > the Mac is a solid product. If you want cheap, then go for Dell, if
> Generalizations tend to be innaccurate.  Certainly Dell has their low
> cost lines (the Inspiron),

*** My Inspiron 1720 cost me $2500, I would not really call that cheap. Its
also very beautiful in a minimalist sort of way :).

> but their Latitude lines are awesome.  We
> have been using them at work for a while now and I do enjoy the
> noticeable build quality difference.  The same goes for the XPS lines as
> well.
> > you want good quality, awesome design / styling etc.  get a Mac. If
> > you don't care about style and having the nice beautiful product
> > doesn't make you feel like Christmas each time you look and touch it,
> This is the e6400 for me.  Whatever you may want to say about Dell, you
> at least know exactly what you are getting.  How many different 2.4 Ghz
> CPUs does Intel make?  For those of use who care, we can get exactly the
> CPU we want.  For those of you who don't care you can always buy a Mac :)
> > then just forget about it, get something cheap that will do the task
> > and buy a new when it breaks. In my case, it is not that simple as
> > that. After tens of years of plastic boxes, I got really bored to the
> > cheap plastics that break because their build quality is so awful (one
> > old Dell we have is no longer usable because the plastic chassis is
> > not rigid enough to not cause disconnects etc. inside if moved at all)
> > and I buy now only good quality hardware which looks & feels really
> > nice and Macs meet that criteria, I am no longer just looking at the
> > price-raw-performance ratio. It is a personal choice.
> >
> I have been beating up Dell laptops for 10 years, and my experience has
> been different from yours.  I have a Dell 733 that just won't die.
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