USB or Firewire Audio Recording Interface?

Gregory Boehnlein damin at
Tue Nov 25 16:04:27 GMT 2008

	I have been doing some extensive work with Ubuntu Studio, Ardour and
Hydrogen lately, and I would like to add a few additional items to my
recording setup. To get my feet wet, I have been using the onboard Intel
audio card in my Dell XPS as my capture source. It has been working, but the
chipset is a bit flaky, and I would like to move to outboard 24bit 96khz DSP
capture interfaces. I've got a very limited budget, but have had the
opportunity to test the Lexicon Omega interface, and it was pretty much
"Plug and Play" w/ Ubuntu studio. However, I have not had enough time to
really dig into it to see if the quality of the capture is significantly
better than that of my onboard card.
	Primarily, I track Guitar, Bass and Digital Piano as Mono tracks
using Hydrogen as my Drum Sequencer. I do not need to record more than 2
channels at once, but I'm sure at some point I may need an additional pair
of inputs.
	I'm looking to balance the performance latency and quality w/ a
limited budget to try and get the most out of my setup. With that in mind, I
would like to solicit opinions from people on reliable options (firewire /
usb) that I can use.

I have about $300 to spend on an Interface.. should I consider USB? Or
should I go firewire? What are the benefits and drawbacks to both

Thank you in advance for your knowledge and experience..

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