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Karoliina Salminen karoliina.t.salminen at
Mon Nov 24 19:41:52 GMT 2008


On Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 7:25 PM, Daniel Green <octoberdan at> wrote:
> I'm looking to get my hands on a laptop I can use for audio production
> and live performance with UbuntuStudio. I need a bit of help finding
> something suitable. I figure the following should be taken into
> consideration:
> Fast hard drive
> Multiple(?) Firwire ports
> USB ports
> Decent sized screen.
> Long battery life
> Linux friendly.

I think you could consider a Mac. The new unibody Macbook is pretty nice.
I have the older model. It has Intel chipset, fast processor etc. and you can
install Ubuntu-Studio  on it with bootcamp. The internal audio
hardware is pretty good,
at least on MacOSX side there is no such thing as latency in the Logic
Studio (Logic Pro 8). I have not tested
Ubuntu Studio with it (the Ubuntu Studio is on a desktop PC). The fan
noise is low and
in general the laptop is very nice. The new model should be even
nicer. It is manufactured from
aluminum block with machining - awesome! I am pretty happy with the
Mac hardware, and I think it would worth to spend
the little premium also for a Linux machine to get the Apple HW. The
Macbook is quite reasonably priced.

Best Regards,

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