Audio Production Laptop

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Thu Nov 20 12:29:02 GMT 2008

Sounds like he saw something similar to what I mentioned in an earlier post.

But, the Ubuntu CD I received with mine was an official Ubuntu CD.

I didn't pursue why it wouldn't re-format the FAT partition that Dell had

I just used Gparted live to reformat and then reloaded Ubuntu.


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>An importsant note here!!  My brother purchased a dell ubuntu laptop but
ubuntustudio did not install on it off the mirror iso images.  He actually
was unable to easily install ubuntustudio and runs the dell version of
ubuntu on it, having become too frustrated.  Granted he's probably a little
time challenged, but this is a really important consideration.  
>On the otherhand, I run a dell d510 all day every day, and though I wish
the screen resolution was better, it's awesome!  I never use my apple G4
powerbook anymore.

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