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Wed Nov 19 22:37:58 GMT 2008

Sorry to go off topic, but I'm fascinated by the line:
> I am not a fan of firewire.

Not a fan of firewire(more correctly, ieee 1394) because of
compatability issues or because of the standard itself?

I am a fan of firewire, in fact it's my favourite kind of wire.
Firewire does things that USB simply cannot do, ie, reliably feed my
7-year-old computer with 12 channels of audio simultaneously. And I
easily expand that a great deal.

Philip Schleihauf
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On Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 5:12 PM, Gustin Johnson <gustin at> wrote:
> Daniel Green wrote:
> > I'm looking to get my hands on a laptop I can use for audio production
> > and live performance with UbuntuStudio. I need a bit of help finding
> > something suitable. I figure the following should be taken into
> > consideration:
> >
> > Fast hard drive
> > Multiple(?) Firwire ports
> I am not a fan of firewire.  Check the FFADO site for hardware
> compatability.
> > USB ports
> > Decent sized screen.
> Inversely proportional to battery life.  The larger the screen, the
> shorter the battery life
> > Long battery life
> > Linux friendly.
> >
> > No need to worry about the audio card as it should be replaced with
> > something external anyways. Any recommendations for this too?
> >
> > I am open to and appreciate all advice.
> I am in the process of getting a new laptop as wll.  I eventually
> settled on a Dell Latitude (business line, more expensive but very well
> made) e6400.  14" screen (1440x900 w/ LCD backlighting, good visuals and
> low power draw).  Of course fully loaded I will be spending ~$2400 CDN
> (including docking station and 3 years accidental damage coverage).
> My second choice is a Thinkpad, with similar specs.
> Also, CPU, Chipset, Video, LAN, WiFi is all made by Intel, which are all
> currently well supported under Linux.
> I would also be very careful with the firewire devices, check the ffado
> site for supported hardware *before* you buy.
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