Audio Production Laptop

Mac suemac at
Wed Nov 19 18:03:55 GMT 2008

On Wed, 2008-11-19 at 09:45 -0800, AJ Moon wrote:
> Considering the Linux friendly I'd say Dell is your best bet.  Orderit 
> with linux on it.  You will have to reformat and install Studio but 
> atleaste you know you have all the drivers . Besides dell makes good 
> sturdy products.
I recently purchased a Dell laptop with Ubuntu on it.

I then added the Ubuntu Studio audio apps and -rt.

I added a Presonus FP10 it was pretty painless to get working.

Other than the wireless connection issues I still have (and believe they
are of my own doing) I'm pleased.

Having done a lot of adding and munging, I figured I just clean the
slate and re-install ubuntu from CD.

After booting from CD and choosing to use the whole drive for Ubuntu it
would only see the 10Gb that wasn't partitioned.

After booting with GParted, I found a FAT16 partition for the other
290Gb. Used GParted to get rid of that and after that the Ubuntu install
was flawless.

The native nvidia works fine (I don't need the nvidia proprietary
drivers) and the wifi module was installed by default.

My wifi shows connected, but I still can't ping anything on my net or on
on the internet. I'll figure that out eventually, the wired net works
just fine.

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