Ubuntu Hardy to Ubuntu Studio Hardy

Beepo / Vanguard beepo at vanguard.fi
Wed Nov 19 03:30:41 GMT 2008

>I've Ubuntu hardy installed and want to change it to Ubuntu Studio hardy 
>with only the audio packages. What steps should I take to get an great 
>audio box with a good real time performance?

Hi Rosea,

What I've been doing for my laptop for work related reasons (my desktop is running pure Ubuntu Studio Hardy) is that I install following packages:
etc. audio apps I need (I compile most recent Ardour always but the repository version should be also fine although it's not too fresh all the time)

Then I edit my /etc/security/limit.conf and add lines:
@audio  -       rtprio          99
@audio  -       memlock         256000
@audio  -       nice            -10

Also you should set dev.rtc.max-user-freq=1024
you can do that by adding the line to /etc/sysctl.conf
If that does not persist after reboot you can try setting it on every boot by using for example rcconf tool (you are propably able to google that method up. It involves creating a simple script and setting it to execute on every boot with rcconf)

- Beepo

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