latest PureData-extended conflicts with vanilla PureData in ubuntustudio-audio

altern altern2 at
Sun Nov 16 09:56:16 GMT 2008

hi all

I want to install PureData 0.40.3-extended on Ubuntu Studio 8.04. 
Previously i had PureData 0.39 and this was not a problem because 0.39 
installed to /usr/local but 0.40 goes to /usr/lib So Studio doesnt like 
it because it already has vanilla PureData installed, this is included 
in ubuntustudio-audio package so uninstalling PD wants to uninstall the 
whole audio package.

I want PD extended because it has plenty of externals and documentation 
included. There are two options to install PD-extended one is via 
apt-get, this is the docs about it

another is to download the package and install it with dpkg i am 
wondering if maybe i could force it to go to /usr/local to avoid this 
error. I am always afraid of making a mess when this kind of conflicts 
happens so if anyone could suggest some options it would be apreciated



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