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Sat Nov 15 23:12:26 GMT 2008

Steve Meiers wrote:
> I'm running 8.10 on an HP tx2510us tablet pc and having similar wifi
> problems. I can get it to run "once" by using ndiswrapper with the
> 802.11n (fast) Vista driver. By "once" I mean that after rebooting, it
> no longer works. If I uninstall ndiswrapper, reboot, reinstall, it works
> again. Pain in the ...
> I had to go to the users control panel and set my account with root
> equivelant priviledges so I could even unlock the network manager and
> wrapper to modify settings, set up WEP, etc. This is not very user
> friendly yet. The root hostility of Ubuntu is a real draaaaaag. I gave
> up and set up a root account, but you still need to sudo lots of things.
How is Ubuntu a drag?  Sudo is your friend, what do you need to use your
root account for exactly?  A bigger pain is restoring after a compromise.

> If anyone knows what's up with "once only" ndiswrapper, I would like in
> on the secret.
Your original driver is probably interfering.  I am guessing you already
figured this out given another message you had sent.

Ndiswrapper is IMO a bad idea.  My last laptop would not accept
different wireless cards so I used a USB one instead of the horrible
ndiswrapper.  Needless to say I no longer have that POS HP laptop.  My
next laptop will be a Dell with Intel hardware through and through.  If
there are no open source or upstream drivers, I will not buy that

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