Getting Intel 3945 to work

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Fri Nov 14 12:26:32 GMT 2008

>So I guess we are back to square one.  Exactly what is the problem you
>are having?  How are you trying to make the wireless connection (ie. are
>doing iwconfig from the command line or using some sort of GUI front end)? 

Typically I use the network config gui that came with Ubuntu, but, I have
used iwconfig as well.

>The first thing I would do is to disable WEP/WPA on the router.  Can you
>connect then?

Thing is, this laptop did connect, with WEP, before I did the piecemeal
install of UbuntuStudio and -rt (though I don't see why adding say JACK or
Ardour would effect the network). It was also after that update that I
first used the wired connection.

I suppose, during one of the many sessions of following "guides" from the
web forums I could have changed the WEP key, or frequency, or something. My
other laptop with wifi, WinXP, has worked all along.

So, maybe I don't know the proper way to switch back and forth between
wired and wifi? But, whether I boot without the cable or unplug after boot,
the wifi does not connect. Other than the wifi switch, is there something I
need to do when I unplug the cable to make it switch over to wifi?


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