Future Ubuntu Studio design guideline and Jaunty/+1 idea

Cory K. coryisatm at ubuntu.com
Wed Nov 12 01:32:22 GMT 2008

So. After careful thought, I've decided that Ubuntu Studio releases will
keep it's design for 2 releases. While I might add a wallpaper, it will
stick with the current feel. Bug-fixes will happen as well. I've done
this with Hardy->Intrepid already, I'm just makin' it official from now
on. While this will be a bummer to some, I must frankly say, they aren't
the ones doin' the work. ;)

Ok, now for the Jaunty/+1 idea.

I'm *thinkin'* of droppin' the #009bf9 blue and adopting the mainline
Ubuntu colors. I'd still use our dark theme, just use orange instead of
blue. Human icon set. The idea is to just look a *little* more Ubuntu.
:) Just an idea.


-Cory K.

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