Alex Montgomery apmontgomery at
Mon Nov 10 12:44:35 GMT 2008

I have a couple questions about Ubuntu studio package oddities:

1) Why is Hydrogen compiled with Lash support (and will in fact delay
startup by a couple seconds and spew messages about not being able to
connect to port 14541) even though there's no Lash package as part of the
standard distribution or even present in the apt repository? I understand
that Lash is still young, but can't you include a package for users to use
at their own risk? If not, can you remove the Lash dependency from hydrogen
so it doesn't delay?

2) Could we please have a package for jackctlmmc? ( ) It's an extremely useful
but tiny application that many audio engineers are using. It's literally one
tiny source file and should be easy enough to build and add to the
repository. I've never made an Ubuntu package, but I can try my hand at it
if you'd like. The reason I ask is that it's annoying for the average user
to have to install / configure all the development packages just to get this
little app working.

I'm new to Linux audio, but not to audio engineering or Linux itself, so I'd
like to lend a hand where I can. Ubuntu Studio is an incredible distro,
thanks for all the good work!

-- Alex
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