JACK keeps me frustrated

sandie sandie at sandgreen.dk
Thu Nov 6 20:09:10 GMT 2008


If you click "Setup" in jackctl, you can save your presets, a very nice 
feature if you play around with the settings, and imho... it's a much 
better option than those "random" restore points.

and remember... Linux is not windows ;-)

Kind regards

Tomas Valusek wrote:
> Hello,
> I curse JACK - such a hostile piece of software, whose error messages 
> provide no help, stops itself working after mere editing of options 
> according to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToJACKConfiguration 
> (first example, I happen to have the same sound card).
> The worst - I don't know how to return to previous working state other 
> from completely reinstall Ubuntu Studio from scratch ... If only Linux 
> had Restore points as WinXP does ...
> Unfortunately, I'm sending this mail from Windows, which is still my 
> main working OS, Ubuntu Studio didn't make it from experimentation state 
> yet, so I can't provide contents of JAKC's Message Window.
> I absolutely don't know what now, how to return JACK to its previous 
> working state. Can anyone help me? Many thanks in advance.
> Tomas Valusek

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