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>suemac at empire.net wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Well I've kinda put getting my wireless card working again on the shelf
>> now, it was becoming a time sink. Seems the .16 and higher revs of 8.0.4
>> can really get the 3945ABG twisted. At this point I have no kernel of
the 5
>> on the boot list that will connect wireless, not even the original that
>> out of the box.
>The problem is not likely with 8.04 as I am connected right now via an
>Intel iwl3945 and a 2.6.24-21 kernel.
>Do you have the kernel module loaded?
>lsmod |grep iwl
>If not what happens when you try to load it?
>sudo modprobe iwl3945
>Check the output from dmesg (only the last couple of lines are likely to
>be relevant).

At this point I believe that iwl is blacklisted and ipw is loaded.

This is after installing a back port then doing the iwl remove/add ipw by
and lots of etc.

I'm 30 mile away from that machine at the moment, so I can't qoute the
results from a lsmod, modprobe, etc.

One clue that I've not had time to chase is: my gateway box is an openbsd
machine running packet filtering. On occasion, when I reboot the
machine in question or possibly when I unplug the wired and do a network
I see a message on the gateway machine that says the arp
info for the ip address of the wired interface had been over written. (I
wireless set to a different ip than the wired interface.) 

>> In any case, I've been toying around with Ardour, JACK, and and Presonous
>> FP10.
>> In general, it seems to work better with the rt kernel. But it seems
>> easy to get the whole lot to become confused, actually hung. To the point
>> that JACK and Ardour have to be killed in the process monitor.
>> Activating the UbuntuStudio tools seemed to help overall. I'll need to do
>> some more research on what this actually does.
>Which tools are you referring to specifically?
I think it's called Ubuntu Studio Controls. When run, it has two
check boxes; one is memory lock and the desired percentage of memory, the
is raw1394.


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