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Gustin Johnson gustin at echostar.ca
Mon Nov 3 17:17:40 GMT 2008

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suemac at empire.net wrote:
> Hi All,
> Well I've kinda put getting my wireless card working again on the shelf for
> now, it was becoming a time sink. Seems the .16 and higher revs of 8.0.4
> can really get the 3945ABG twisted. At this point I have no kernel of the 5
> on the boot list that will connect wireless, not even the original that did
> out of the box.

The problem is not likely with 8.04 as I am connected right now via an
Intel iwl3945 and a 2.6.24-21 kernel.

Do you have the kernel module loaded?

lsmod |grep iwl

If not what happens when you try to load it?

sudo modprobe iwl3945

Check the output from dmesg (only the last couple of lines are likely to
be relevant).

> In any case, I've been toying around with Ardour, JACK, and and Presonous
> FP10.
> In general, it seems to work better with the rt kernel. But it seems pretty
> easy to get the whole lot to become confused, actually hung. To the point
> that JACK and Ardour have to be killed in the process monitor.
> Activating the UbuntuStudio tools seemed to help overall. I'll need to do
> some more research on what this actually does.

Which tools are you referring to specifically?

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