Video card suggestions?

Andrew Hunter andrew at
Mon May 5 18:58:48 BST 2008

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Petter Duvander wrote:
|>  > I personally use a Hauppauge TV card.   It has S-Video, RCA, and coax
|>  > inputs, it also does not matter what my primary video card is.
|>  >
|>  > Just my 2c,
|>  hi, if you have a dv camera recorder, it's possible to connect your
old analogic
|>  source with cinch connexion to the dv cam recorder, use the dv
encoding inside
|>  to record with  a firewire card inside your computer using dvgrab
and kino. It's
|>  work fine.
|>  There is also external encoder to DV, but there are expensive...
|>  more infos here, but in french :
| OK, so if I feel like buying a $700 camera, plus an expensive firewire
| card, I'll think about that option. ;)
| Hauppage also seems a little overkill, but I'll look into that a bit more.
| Anyone with more of a lowbudget version?
| / Petter

I don't think it is going to get cheaper than 59USD :P
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