Upgrading to Hardy stopped.

Gustin Johnson gustin at echostar.ca
Mon May 5 16:40:58 BST 2008

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I don't see enough of the error.  From a console, type:
sudo aptitude dist-upgrade

You should be able to paste more of the error.


Jamin Peckham wrote:
| First time posting here. Think I could use some help here with my
| upgrade though.
| Went from Ubuntu Studio 7.10 amd64 (rt-kernel) to Ubuntu 8.04 amd64
| using the DVD from the ubuntu studio page. So I pop in the dvd and hit
| the update button and it downloads and installs/removes a buttload of
| programs and libraries, and suddenly as it's installing the upgrades, it
| comes up with this (screenshot):
| http://www.mediamax.com/ouoertheo/Hosted/Screenshot.png
| And being a windoz dumbass I just now pushed control-c after selecting
| the text to try and copy it, so this is now whats currently on my screen
| http://www.mediamax.com/ouoertheo/Hosted/Screenshot-1.png
| I've tuned Gutsy for what seemed to take decades to work with my comp,
| and it works great for me as a musician. I'd really like to be able to
| salvage it, so I'm going to leave the upgrade crashed while I still have
| internet and will continue to be paranoid to continue. So any particular
| way I can salvage it? Or is it deaded?
| --
| Cheers
| Jamin Peckham
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