Sound card recommendations?

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Thu May 1 21:14:07 BST 2008

For sound cards, there has been some progress getting that card to work, especially on 64-bit machines. 32-bit drivers were released a few days ago.
Have to have the module, which is available in alsa, and follow directions EXACTLY on a partition you aren't afraid to lose.
I did it and did not succeed but my machine (ASUS laptop) turns out to have other sound problems that preclude my success.
Good luck. 

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>> Glad I stumbled upon Ubuntu Studio.  I've been through a terrible
>> time trying to get sound working with Linux Mint and Ubuntu 8.04.
>> Unfortunately, my Creative SB X-Fi card doesn't support Linux.  I've
>> decided to replace the sound card, and am hoping someone on this list
>> can make a recommendation.  
>> I plan to install Ubuntu Studio when I get time this weekend, and
>> work from that distribution.  I write and arrange music (currently
>> using Sibelius on WinXP), and edit digital photography with Photoshop
>> CS.  Looking forward to the linux environment.
>> I need the card to work with both Ubuntu and WinXP Media Center
>> Edition, with these general requirements:
>> - 5.1 speaker capability
>> - front mic/line input
>> - front headphone output
>> - front MIDI ports desirable (I have an adapter that works through
>> USB in Windows)
>> - 100 Hz S/N
>I guess that should be 100dB SNR?
>> - 20-20kHz freq range
>> - decent onboard synth
>> Thanks!
>> Details:
>> - Dell XPS 400 w/Intel Pentium D 2.80 GHz chip
>> - 4GB RAM
>> - 2 HDD (sda 160 GB, Windows; dual boot with sdb 500 GB, Linux)
>> - EVGA GeForce 8800 GT video card
>I don't know of any card where the on-board synth or whatever stuff is
>supported in linux.
>I think that I recently read that creative released linux drivers for
>the x-fi or something like that.
>I personally would keep my fingers from any stuff a company with that
>kind of marketing produces.
>Best Regards,
>	Philipp
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