delta 44 and 1010lt at the same time?

greg emond g4gregoire at
Mon Mar 31 09:28:45 BST 2008

hi all.. I know, ive been around long enough to stop asking stupid newbie
questions that you have to answer 10000000000 times a day,
but....hhhh here goes

Just bought a delta 1010lt..and finally, I can record drums properly!
but, I feel that the sound definition is not as "crisp" as my good ole delta 44.
so.. could I leave both of them in there? (not use them at the same time,
but have them both plugged in?)

I know that the delta series is built to coexist together in a mac or winslow
environment. (I've tried it, and yes, they are happy neighbors)

but is it possible in Ubuntu?

sorry, and thanks in advance, greg.

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