Subject: Re: QT apps not using GTK colors now?

Paul DeShaw pauldeshaw at
Mon Mar 31 07:57:16 BST 2008

Paul DeShaw wrote:

> >FWIW,  I have never seen any of my apps with that color scheme in Ubuntu
> Studio >since upgrading to Gutsy.

Wrong.  Actually it was changing to XFCE as my default desktop that changed
the theme. XFCE is now broken, thanks to some weird bug in XMMS that freezes
the desktop.  This last time, all the menus and tool bars disappeared as
well, before I could ctrl-alt-F2 out of there and reboot.  So now I use
GNOME or KDE.  Good thing I had all three installed.

I have removed XMMS.  The evil Destroyer of Desktops is no more. <sniff> but
it worked so well, when it worked, and so many plugins...

--Paul in Seattle
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