QT apps not using GTK colors now?

D. Michael McIntyre michael.mcintyre at rosegardenmusic.com
Fri Mar 28 14:16:53 GMT 2008

On Friday 28 March 2008, D. Michael McIntyre wrote:
> Anyway, sorry to say, I gave it the ol' college try dude, and even risked
> Mr. Winky, but I can't figure this out.

I've had another look, and the reason I can't figure this out is because I'm 
really not sure what the problem is, or if there actually is a problem here.  
I've got KDE back on that box now, and going back and forth between KDE and 
GNOME, the look and feel of these QT3 apps is definitely changing.   They 
don't look GNOME native, but they look quite different under GNOME, and 
memory tells me that might actually be how they looked on Gutsy.  I'm not 

Can you or somebody please send me some screenshots (the "window under cursor" 
capture mode would be great, if the GNOME equivalent of KSnapShot has this 
mode) of QJackCtl and anything else worth paying special attention to?

If possible, I'd like to see:

A) What it's supposed to look like when everything is normal (eg. a shot of 
this in its native GNOME environment on Gutsy, or a Hardy at a point in time 
when everything is behaving)

B) What it looks like in this new state I'm trying to fix to make it go back 
to looking like A

I'm thinking I will determine there is no problem on this particular 
installation, but even from this particular state, I can probably make the 
QT3 apps look more GNOME-like, perhaps even moreso than they had ever been 
before, so this whole exercise probably won't have been for nothing after 

Oh, and thanks for the words of support Luis.
D. Michael McIntyre 

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