The Greatest Music Collection

Luis de Bethencourt luisbg at
Mon Mar 24 14:13:05 GMT 2008

He is limitng his potential buyers by saying a lot of times al the
music is american, american culture and american history.

If the blender foundation got a lot of money from donations to free
blender, why cant we collect enough dough to give this collection a
proper free home? If corps buy stuff to liberate them. Why doesn't a
huge entity do this with music?

I would cry if I could listen to any track I wanted to from those
easily and freely (like the internet archive).


On Mon, Mar 24, 2008 at 1:02 PM, raydar <raydar at> wrote:
> > They're all vinyl, who wants that quality? If they were digital though... :)
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>  > Kim Burgess
>  I love it when someone lights a pack of firecrackers and tosses it into a gasoline tasting party . . . .  :D
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