does studio support more cards'n'boards than normal ubuntu?

'2+ electriclightheads at
Wed Mar 12 11:36:18 GMT 2008

am trying to build my studio on a usb-flash
so am starting from a cui install of hardy
apt-got image-rt and jackd and edited the limits.conf file
am using a storage-less ARTiGO (Pico-MTX=VIA'sC7 with VT700+VT1708A for
for learnings and testings
but sad point is that the machine doesn't make sound via jack
even though it seems to work okay with ALSA and pulseaudio
(i know almost nothing about pulse so not sure)

am kind of confused with too many things to take into account
was taking for granted that since studio and ubuntu are using the same
the support for cards are the same
in whatever way i may install ...

1) if i full install the studio maybe jack can work out of the box even
if that didn't happen on normal ubuntu?
2) since pulse is gonna get king of integraded to gnome(?) i should not
get rid of gnome even if i am to use dwm to go light weighted?


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