Echo Indigo IO under gutsy

Alex Holding alexholding1 at
Tue Mar 11 11:10:24 GMT 2008

Hi gang,

Just switched from windows to ubuntu (due to the studio i work in doing the
same). Have to say i love it, i realise im abit of hippy at heart so agree
thoroughly with the ethos, and im really opening up to the potential of this
format of software.

Anyway enough chatter....My laptop is a sony vaio and i use an echo indigo
IO pcmcia card for audio in and out. At the minute ubuntu studio doesent
even recognise the card, although the pretty little blue light is on. Iv
looked around a fair bit and come up with several walk throughs regarding
getting it working, all of which im prepared to try, and have done so with a
few already, but iv reached a point where i felt a second opinion would be
of aid.

Im not asking for a step-by-step walkthrough as i realise it would only
translate halfway towards my system (and capabilities) but i do want peoples
opinions as to which of the methods touted on places such as the and ubuntu forum sites is generally the best one to work
with? Some of the methods described detail releases before gutsy, would
these still be usable?

Apologises for the lengthy message and slightly noob slant, if anyone cares
to throw info my way id really appreciate it, although iv come to realise
with linux you understand by doing, and sometimes that means just plugging
away till you get it right.


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