Oops, another brick in the wall...

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> Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2008 20:57:25 -0400> From: coryisatm at nc.rr.com> To: ubuntu-studio-users at lists.ubuntu.com> Subject: Re: Oops, another brick in the wall...
> > > > This version doesn't make my subwoofer knock stuff off my> > > > shelves any more, which is sort of a downside, but the advantage> > is you can> > > > hear every sound from the trumpet in this mix (which is sort of a> > > > downside.)> "so the WHOLE array of frequencys hit the wall, not just one small> section of it."> > NO! NO! NO!> > This is why we have music where the entire mix of a song is as loud as> every other.> > You're recommending he kill the dynamic range of the song. This is> exactly what wrong with mastering in the last 10 years.> 
LOL  sorry cory for frazzling your feathers.  I also adhere do the 
"I can control my volume knob, thank you" movement.  Besides, overdoing the
expanding will also result in a toothpaste wave.  And the "loudness" subject
has also been discussed in length on this list as well.  Does an old alice in chains track
sound better than any recent "nu-metal" track?   absolutely, by a million fold!
who cares if I have to crank it to 11?  There is an actual physical pleasure related
to wanking  the volume knob ;)
now, with all this being said and done, what killing overwhelming frequencys
 by eq or multiband compression also does-when done correctly- 
is "smoothing" out a mix, making it less "harsh" and more"in your face".
  When expanding afterwards, just do it moderately, so that the rhythm
 section still makes the wave dance, but the music following the rhythm section is not
"out of place?"
please also take note that I like and play heavy music, and that Im probably already half deaf
from al my youth excesses, and I dont hear half the subtleties im talking about...
ubuntu studio still rocks my world and thanks for allowing me to record decently for
nothing else than the cost of my gear.
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