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Tue Mar 11 00:47:37 GMT 2008

> > This version doesn't make my subwoofer knock stuff off my> > shelves any more, which is sort of a downside, but the advantage is you can> > hear every sound from the trumpet in this mix (which is sort of a> > downside.)> > But seriously, I just listened to the first one. I thought I had a pretty > good mix before I recorded it, and looked at the waveform.> > After chasing a better looking picture as much as anything else, going back in > the opposite direction as depicted on one of those brick wall rant sites, > more toward how things used to look in days of yore, I have to say the > difference is immediate and obvious.> 
here is my 2 cents about mastering.... and only 2 cents, caus I suck at it too
there is a reason why I send my mixes to a professionnal mastering house ;)
what you see on your pics is the "sideways" picture of the wave...
so you see how "loud" they are, but you dont "see" which frequency is loud.
if you have an overload in treble (trumpet?), it will hit the "wall" and everything else 
will dissapear.
and thats where the beauty of jamin starts.  just click the spectrum view, and either
cut down by eq, or compress the overload, and THEN compress (expand?) the shit out of it...
so the WHOLE array of frequencys hit the wall, not just one small section of it.
end of 2 cents....and sorry for my pretentious babble.
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