Question - Ubuntu Studio and Fast Track Pro

Fritz Kiffmeyer fritz at
Sun Mar 9 12:15:32 GMT 2008

Hello -

I recently was looking for information regarding the use of M-Audio USB 
devices and Ubuntu Studio.   Is anyone working with the Fast Track Pro 
(FTP) and Ubuntu Studio, using both the analog inputs AND the MIDI 
input/ outputs?  According to the ALSA supported device list, it is 

I currently have an Audiophile Firewire, which is not really supported 
by Ubuntu Studio (currently in experimental testing), and so I am 
thinking of acquiring a Fast Track Pro.  I think that it may provide 
what I need (MIDI IO, mixing from analog tape source, recording 
instruments directly to the computer).

Any info you could provide would be much appreciated.

                                 Thanks -
                                          Fritz Kiffmeyer
                                          Fellow Ubuntu Audio-Head

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