Ubuntu Studio-Hardy GDM screenshot

raydar raydar at inetnebr.com
Sat Mar 8 18:32:00 GMT 2008

>> Cory K. a ?crit :
>>> Since artists are flaky and Ive gone through about 4 of them trying to
>>> get a GDM made I had to do something simple by myself. Based off a Novel
>>> theme, but pretty well edited, here it is.
>>> http://mma.users.ubuntustudio.org/Misc/Screenshot-Xnest2.jpg
>>> Final will be some slight variation of that. If not that exactly. Still
>>> have to sit on it for a bit.
>>> -Cory K.
Cool--I didn't expect the woodgrain, and I like it a lot; very nice way 
of implementing the Ubuntu "brown theme" aesthetic. I'm a big fan of the 
tri-color Gutsy background, over the default one, 'cause the tri-color 
one's colors aren't sort of washed out by being browned out. (I guess I 
must like vividish colors, 'cause I liked the blurred Christamas-lightsy 
splash screen best too.) I think this background has a really nice 
composition, and the lacquery effect and just enough "pure" color not 
look "too" browned-out, whatever that means.

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