Not an Ubuntu question - Fusion 6HD

Bob Tackett btackett at CFR.MsState.Edu
Thu Mar 6 16:40:09 GMT 2008

Hi folks,


Sorry if this is a bad question to ask you guys on this forum,
especially for my first post, but I'd like to make a decision today, and
this is the only music list I'm on.  Ardour questions will come later


Does anyone here have enough experience with the Fusion 6HD to comment
on whether I should get it?  They're having a close-out sale on them,
greatly reduced prices.  I've seen one horrible review, but mostly
positive things otherwise.  It'll be well over a year before I'll have a
chance to buy one of the really decent Yamahas or Korgs.  My needs are
pretty simple.  I like the nice sequencer on board, and I'd just need
the basic sounds for the most part.  Demo stuff mostly.  Nothing fancy.


Thanks very much,

Bob Tackett




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