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Sean Edwards cybersean3000 at
Sat Mar 1 20:19:13 GMT 2008

About half an hour ago, I just got back from Doug Van Sloun's open house of his very new studio Focus Mastering here in Omaha.  He has a mix of analog and digital equipment, and says very few projects use all digital or all analog.  He uses a Mac with Pro Tools and Sonic, but the software just controls the hardware, he uses no software plug-in's.

Doug has worked for Sound Recorders, and Studio B.  He has masterd projects for Bright Eyes, Tilly and the Wall, Neva Denova, Beep Beep and Son, Ambluance, and Ryan Fox.  Doug has also worked with a producer from Dublin, Ireland, and has recently been contacted by an artist from Brazil.

If you need an audio project professionally mastered, he would love to hear from you.

Focus Mastering
14910 Grover St.
Omaha, NE 68144

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