avoid jump on cd between tracks

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Thu Jul 31 10:59:08 BST 2008

hollunder at gmx.at(e)k dio:
> On Tue, 29 Jul 2008 20:20:02 +0200
> altern <altern2 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Cory K.(e)k dio:
>>> altern wrote:
>>>> hi
>>>> this is kind of OT i guess.
>>> It's on-topic. :)
>>>> I need to master a wave file into several 
>>>> tracks on a CD. It is a live recording so there is no gap between
>>>> the tracks but I would like to avoid the jump between tracks to be
>>>> heard. I have tried with Rezound to cut the wave using cues and
>>>> then recording the parts into a CD with K3b, but i still get the
>>>> gap in some CD and DVD players.
>>>> So right now i am not sure that this can be done. Does anyone here
>>>> know how to get this right?
>>>> many thanks
>>>> enrike
>>> I think gcdmaster will do what you need. Included in Ubuntu
>>> Studio. :)
>>> "gCDmaster Features:
>>>     * Easy to use graphical interface
>>>     * Multiple project support
>>>     * Playing of Audio CD images
>>>     * Easy dump of CDs to disk
>>>     * CD to CD copy
>>>     * Composition of new Audio CDs from wav files
>>>     * *Graphical insertion of Track Marks (to divide live
>>> recordings)*
>>>     * Easy CD-TEXT modification"
>> just found that it can also be done with rezound. the trick is to put 
>> cues marking in the cut areas, then "File > Burn to CD" menu option
>> does it. It works very well.
>> thanks
>> enrike
> It probably depends on the burning program and how it is set up. Some
> write a afair 2 second gap in between songs (I think that is some kind
> of standard?), some don't. Some players ignore that 2 second gap, some
> don't. I think the gap was necessary for real old players but isn't
> anymore, so I'd try to burn without gaps, especially for a live album.
> Philipp

i believe it is a bit more complex. i cut my wav so that end of one 
track was exactly conected to beggining of next track, i did not change 
the end or begining of the tracks, they just connect perfectly. Still I 
got this "jump" in some players, it was not 2 secs long btw. i burned it 
in K3b. But now with Rezound using cues and burning from rezound itself 
it works fine. Looks like by default programs insert some kind of fade 
in/out in tracks to make sure it starts/end on zero. well... this is my 
explanation of it, but i dont really know.


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