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Paul DeShaw pauldeshaw at gmail.com
Thu Jul 24 06:21:48 BST 2008

Nick Steeves wrote:

> Subject: Re: many problems after upgrade to Hardy
> Can you still boot into your upgraded installation with your old kernel?
> This bug also affected me, in the same way you describe

  Best regards,

> Nick
> On Mon, 2008-07-14 at 12:05 -0600, Gustin Johnson wrote:
> > | later....
> > |
> > | Ok, now it won't boot at all.  It says it's going to check the
> > drive,
> > |  then it just hangs there.
> > |
> > | "Ubuntu Studio has been mounted 22 times without being checked,
> > check
> > |  forced. Checking drive Ubuntustudio (/dev/sda3): 0% (stage  1/5,
> > | 1/737) UbuntuStudio: 318790/12075008 files 95.2% noncontiguous),
> > | 6403122/24147703 blocks
> > |
> > | [blinking cursor]"
> > |
> > | It's been like that at least 10 minutes now, so I think that's all
> > | it's going to do.
> >
> Nick,
> Looks like you missed my subsequent 2 or 3 posts, so a little update is in
> order (with some new information as well):
> I booted in recovery mode and it booted after that.  It still does not see
> my external sound device--
> pad at Studio909:~$ asoundconf list
> Names of available sound cards:
> It used to show "Ozone Academic", and I could set it as my default sound
> card.
>> You say that your whole LUG has this problem.  If no one has the
>> hard-drive space to hold a backup of someone else's non-replaceable
>> files, perhaps everyone could pitch in a bit for an external hard drive?
>> This is worst-case scenario.  I'm quite sure that you haven't lost any
>> data, since your symptoms sound identical to mine.  At any rate, 'hope
>> someone can help you figure out the cause, so you don't have to resort
>> to a backup->bare metal recovery!
 I do not remember saying that.  I have my /home folder backed up to an
external drive.  I am not sure about how to use it in a new system.

I have since made room for a clean install of the 64-bit version (goodbye 64
Studio and Musix) and have successfully installed it. I kept the old
installation and I can boot both of them. Now suddenly the Ardour sessions
on my Firewire audio drive don't open because I don't have the right
permissions; efforts to change permissions, using the file browser a root,
have been unsuccessful. My next step is to attempt it with command line
tools, but I haven't gotten to it yet. Strangely, my old install also can't
open them, with exactly the same errors, even though I did the original
recordings with it.  I tested some just before installing the new
system--they worked (through the cruddy onboard sound), now they don't.

A Rosegarden session on the same drive loads fine; I didn't try recording

Other than not accessing most of my previous Ardour sessions, the new
install works much better.  I can see my MIDI keyboard in JACK's ALSA tab,
which I couldn't before.  I haven't gotten around to installing sound fonts
to check out Q-synth yet.

> Luis S?nchez de Posada wrote:
> Subject: Re: many problems after upgrade to Hardy (Luis SP)
> >AMD 64 2800+, 1GB, M-Audio Ozone Academic (USB keyboard/MIDI/audio
> >interface, originally bundled with Pro Tools M-Powered Academic bundle.
> >Kernel support added for this device in the main kernel tree, late 2007,
> >then integrated into the Hardy kernel)
> You should take a look to:
> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=148467
> I finally got my m-audio ozone working in hardy

LOL I am *very* familiar with that thread.   I think we have met there; I
post as Aurora on Ubuntu forums.  My first post on that thread was a year

The device works out-of-the-box with Hardy.  I haven't really tested it on
this box, but on the MacBook I have recorded some MIDI with Rosegarden, just
as a test. There are still realtime issues I have to fix before it is

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