many problems after upgrade to Hardy

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Sat Jul 19 23:19:37 BST 2008

2008/7/19 Paul DeShaw <pauldeshaw at>:
> 1).  I still have to learn how to clone my old /home directory into a new
> installation.  I could leave it in the containing file and just copy it into
> the new /home, but I would rather have it just become the new  /home.  I'm
> not sure I'm being clear--
> I don't think I want to end up with /home/pad/old_pad, with old_pad being
> the home folder I saved from the old installation.  (My user name is pad.)
> Rather, I want /home/pad to just be the original /home/pad, with the
> addition of whatever Ubuntu puts in your home folder by default, such as
> examples and whatnot.  I don't know how to accomplish this other than moving
> files one at a time into the new /home/pad.  Surely there's an easier and
> more elegant way?  Also, not sure if I need the entire /home directory, or
> just my user (pad) directory to come over.

I could tell you about what I would do. I usually do a clean install
to avoid issues. So I install on top of the version I'm trying to
replace, "but" I keep my home partition intact. I just mount it as
home but I don't format it. I choose a different username and let it
install. Once I have installed all the packages I need I just do in a
terminal from the /home directory something like this
:~$ sudo chown -R newusername: oldusername
(replace with with own and notice the colon and the spaces)
Now you can put your stuff back in your current home folder. Don't
replace every file, especially hidden ones. This is a fast way to back
up your data though.
I hope this was useful to you.

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