many problems after upgrade to Hardy

Paul DeShaw pauldeshaw at
Wed Jul 16 07:24:34 BST 2008

On Tue, 15 Jul 2008 , Gustin Johnson  wrote:

> Should not have to create a new user.  If the new kernel is indeed
> installed you may have to update grub.  See below.
> update-grub is your friend.  For some reason this was not run
> automatically on your machine during the install.  Was your install
> interrupted?  It doesn't really matter unless you are trying to
> reproduce the problem for a bug report.
> Once you have updated grub you should notice a significant improvement.
> ~ When you are booting into the new kernels it is a good idea to remove
> the old ones.

OK, I think I know the problem.  After I ran update-grub, the report
showed the new kernels were found and added to the list, but then they
still didn't appear on the grub menu when I rebooted.  That's because
this is a multi-boot system, and the MBR is pointed to the last
installation, which I had hand-edited to include the other two
partitions.  I had forgotten that I was actually using the grub list
from Musix to boot Ubuntu. I booted  Musix, and ran update-grub.  This
was a mistake, as update-grub did not look on the other partitions for
kernels, and erased the Ubuntu and 64 Studio kernels from the list.

So for now I can't boot Ubuntu Studio, but the grub list on that
partition should be OK.  I am typing this in Musix.

Rather than edit the grub.list in Musix, I think I would rather fix
the MBR to use the grub.list in Ubuntu Studio.  Then I can get rid of
Musix and 64 Studio, which I don't use.

> |
> | There are a couple of huge long threads on Ubuntu forums on all kinds of
> | things that happened to people's systems when they upgraded to Hardy,
> | which is why I waited so long, hoping bugs would get reported and
> | fixed.  I'm glad this one is LTS; I'm going to skip the next release or
> | two so I can have everything working for a while before an upgrade can
> | mess it up again.
> Hundreds of installs out of how many thousands (tens, hundreds, or
> more)?  Don't be fooled into thinking there is an epidemic on this basis
> alone.  Of course you are free (and encouraged) to come to your own
> conclusions.  I do not intend to start a flame war over this.  Our
> experiences differ and that is about as far as we are going to get.

Apparently, with the right hardware, everything is wonderful.  I did
do quite a bit of research before building my system, but not enough,
it seems.

I also have Ubuntu Studio on a first generation Apple MacBook, and in
general it works better than my desktop.  The theme looks great on the
MacBook screen.  Sad that the system I installed Ubuntu on as an
afterthought works better than the one I built for it.

> At any rate I hope that update-grub does the trick.  You should not need
> any switches or other command line options though you do need sudo or
> admin privileges.

Well, unfortunately I applied this tool where it would do the most
damage.  I think I saw a tutorial on rewriting an MBR at .  If you know one you like better, I'd like to know
about it.



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