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No offense but please don't tell me how to send emails.  I'll do it the way that works for me.

Your cluelessness is no concern of mine.

Joe thanks again for the help :)  Hope to report back with a sample recording if all goes well.

2008/7/7 Cory K. <coryisatm at>:

Please watch the top-posting. because of it I have no clue the order of
this email. No need to reply. Just stick with the long established


Dude, seriously now...

I didn't subscribe to this list to be spammed by someone who absolutely refuses to follow the rules that everyone else is following.

These e-mails that you keep posting (after they explicitly said not to reply to them) have nothing to do with Ubuntu Studio and therefore, for all intents and purposes, are spam.

So, not only do I want to ask you to stop being stubborn, but please also stop spamming all of us.

And I will not respond to whatever you post in reply to this either, because this also has nothing to do with Studio.

Please...  Be considerate of others too.


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