Newbie question - soundcard support

Fernando Gomes f.m.gomes at
Thu Jul 3 09:31:40 BST 2008

Hi, I'm new to ubuntustudio (but long time user of Linux and Ubuntu).
I'm building a dedicated homestudio PC and need to choose the
soundboard for it (currently using a soundblaster, but want to have
less noise in the recordings and better resolution, if possible). My
problem is what hardware currently on sale is supported by linux /
For me the ideal board will have 2 mic inputs with phantom power (with
the possibility to change one of them to high impedance to connect an
electric guitar directly) and one midi in/midi out, if possible
external (USB or FireWire). For now with the information I have I
probably choose a PCI board (M-Audio Audiophile 2496) and use an
external preamp (M-Audio Audio Buddy or M-Audio DMP3), because I am
not shure of an external unit that met all my requirements and is
supported by linux / ubuntustudio (M-Audio FastTrack Pro, for
example). Are there ubuntustudio users on this list with similar
requirements that can suggest hardware that they know it works with
ubuntustudio? Even if it isn't the latest version, but can be found on
ebay, for me it's fine

Thanks in advance!

Best regards


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