A bad experience ...

Larry Lines larry at twistedpop.com
Wed Jan 30 16:36:50 GMT 2008

>  I want to share a bad experience I had almost two weeks ago
>  when I tried to record the school band of my son for a demo they needed.

My first question would be... Why Rosegarden?  I would never think to use Rosegarden for
live recording.  I keep seeing people do this, but certainly Ardour would be my first choice.  A
lot less overhead.  Maybe I am wrong.

And yes, without a direct matchup of US on the same equipment as your son's Audacity 
setup, then we aren't really learning anything here.  I also see that mistake quite a bit.  'Let
me take this inadequate computer and test out Linux Audio and match it up against a 
dedicated studio box to see the results.'  This isn't exactly what you are saying but...

I record live music with US on a laptop regularly.  No issues.  Especially with an RME soundcard,
dual core intel and 2GB of RAM.  I do have a problem with my Dell 1501 onboard soundcard.
I almost sold that laptop because of it.  But really what was I thinking.  I want to do professional
audio with an onboard soundcard on a laptop.  Come on!

Larry Lines

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