A bad experience ...

Andrew Hunter andrew at aehunter.net
Wed Jan 30 14:58:11 GMT 2008

Det wrote:
> Indeed I'm thinking now about taking my old defect tower box and put in
> some sound hardware to build a dedicated (audio-) studio machine.
> The next question therefore is:
> What MoBo, Processor, ... combination could I trust to run US on reliably?

Anything that Ubuntu supports with decent specs.

What you should be more interested in is the sound card and breakout 
box. M-audio's gear has good support in alsa.

> And that's now the last question:
> Wouldn't it be good to have some documentation about highly recommended
> (as experienced as reliable) hardware for the US application scenarios, to
> give
> such people who would indeed like to go and buy dedicated stuff a help?

Yes it would. Are you volunteering?

> On one hand, simply the many "ubuntu runs on my" from the standard ubuntu
> sites would perhaps not suffice for this special case. On the other, it
> hasn't to be a complete cumulated matrix of running combinations, simply
> some alternatives known as running would do it.
> KR
> Dirk

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