is it pulseaudio vs jack?

'2+ electriclightheads at
Wed Jan 30 12:24:50 GMT 2008

installed UbuntuHardyAlpha3 from an alternative iso as mostly CUI system
cuz i wanted to apt-get yatm & awesome
and at the homepage found this said about pulseaudio
"Alpha 3 includes PulseAudio enabled by default."

am reading
but at this moment doing nothing pulse oriented
still using the machine in a jack oriented way

the site says almost nothing about the relation with jack
and one of my friend says it might work like in a
jack >> alsa >> pulseaudio way
is this true? should i be prepared for pulseaudio?
quit using jack?
but my favorite app SuperCollider & ChucK might be compiled to use jack

and i didn't install Gnome but xserver-xorg & awesome
then pulseaudio isn't there?
how should i test if pulse is setup properly?


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