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Wed Jan 30 04:07:57 GMT 2008

On January 29, 2008 04:51:25 pm Haig Dedeyan wrote:
> Haig Dedeyan wrote:
> >>
> >
> > Not user friendly enough for the newbies.
> >
> >  From the main ubuntu studio site, I click on support, then click on the
> > link to ubuntu forums and then am presented with 37 forum links (
> > ) to which there is no mention of ubuntu
> > studio. Right here, most newbies will quit.
> As most of the problems we get really are general Ubuntu questions (I
> can't tell you how many times we get questions about "How do I install
> my video drivers") the forums are fine and will remain our official forum.
> Because not every Ubuntu Studio users question will be appropriate for
> it we link strait to the main forum. For specific production questions
> the "Multimedia Production"
> ( section is there.
> I must also note, that Ubuntu Studio was never intended for linux
> "newbies". Our own forum would be littered with the same redundant
> questions as 1000 other forums. Since we do realize "new to linux"
> people would try Ubuntu Studio and the current Ubuntu Forums is a wealth
> of knowledge, it was decided it's the best place and would cut down on
> said redundancy.
> This was also a question of maintenance but staying within the existing
> community is the best reason now.
> I can add another link on the site directly to the "Multimedia
> Production" section and note that its for specific A/V production
> questions.
> >>>  From my point of view, perhaps non dev people can volunteer & maintain
> >>> this site:
> >>>
> >>>
> >>>
> >>> Suggestions:
> >>>
> >>> - Forums should be on that site and specific to Ubuntu Studio rather
> >>> than having people goto the generic ubuntu forums
> >>
> >> This would fragment us from the larger Ubuntu community. It was debated
> >> in a very wide way on other lists and forums themselves. The forums
> >> wanted is there so it was decided.
> >>
> >> And splitting off goes against your "1 stop shop" idea. :P
> >
> > Not really. Studio should be concerned about a 1 stop solution shop for
> > problems specific to Studio. Using the generic ubuntu forums just
> > doesn't cut it imho.
> Ok. :) We disagree and rather keep in with the existing, overall community.
> > Another advantage of having studio specific forums would be to give you
> > devs stats on what aspect of Studio people are having most issues with,
> > hence, let you prioritize your resources more effectively.
> We already have the sources for this. You're on one of them. :P
> >> What you describe is what the Ubuntu Doc team does. Most people just
> >> can't be bothered. If you would like to do documentation thats great.
> >> Contact mgunes on IRC or 23meg on the Ubuntu Forums (same guy). He has
> >> just come on to help organize our Doc team.
> >>
> >> The Wiki should have links to everything you need to help out if you
> >> want to. Just takes reading. Ask if you need to.
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >> -Cory
> >
> > ok, I'll make my suggestions to the devel mailing list. I don't mind
> > doing docs as long as it won't be buried on other sites and not
> > available on the studio site.
> >
> > Haig
> Sure. My next reply will only go there as well.
> The feeling I get from your posts is you don't care about working within
> an existing community and would rather have things somewhere else. In
> the end, you're welcome to put things where you want.
> If you want to work with us the official place for documentation will
> be: and I've given you the name of
> our Doc guy. Or hit _MMA_, luisbg or jussi01 up on IRC.
> -Cory

A forum called something like "Non Studio Related Issues" could be the answer 
along with a sticky in there telling people to goto the ubuntu forums would 
solve this.

In any case, I doubt that I would change anyone's mind, so I'll send off my 
docs to the guys you mentioned and they'll post it where you devs decide to 
post it.

I still think leaving your  support section as is, is a big mistake though and 
we'll agree to disagree & just leave it at that.

PS: I do care about working with the community and is as open minded as they 
come. I just think that studio users would be better served if they had their 
own place to go without any pollution from non studio users.


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