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Erdey, Raymond M Raymond.M.Erdey at erac.com
Tue Jan 29 16:59:55 GMT 2008

>>  From my point of view, perhaps non dev people can volunteer & maintain
>> this site:
>> http://ubuntustudio.org/support
>> Suggestions:

I agree and would love to help out with the documentation effort.  Just show me the way.  I do not have Ubuntu Studio installed yet, I only have an Ubuntu Desktop and an Edubuntu system at home.
I am on this list to learn about Ubuntu Studio (It sounds very interesting).
So my documentation would be more generic like package management and why you may want to move files out of /etc/init.d (Stop auto starting of those game servers you just downloaded via the package manager).  :-)

>> - Forums should be on that site and specific to Ubuntu Studio rather
>> than having people goto the generic ubuntu forums
> Absolutely!! YES!

>> - IRC - scrap them. There's nothing but flame wars & trolls on them.
>YES also

I don't use IRC and so have no opinion.

>> - How To's - have a list of docs OR, better yet, if forums were setup on
>> this page, dedicate 1 forum for How To's and only have a certain group
>> add/edit/delete while everyone else just has read rights.
>Very good! An easy way to add good stuff for registered users would
>improve everything massively - imagine, you could answer the good old
>"what is that jack-thing all about anyway?" question by simply posting a

I agree, that how to's would be great for us newbie's!
Also, remember that we want to show the path to "Micro$oft" users, and so, quick, how to's, with lots of pretty pictures, may help them on their journey to true freedom.  :-)

Now, can we get started, and forgive and forget about the flame wars.

Raymond M. A. Erdey
My web page has not been updated in a long time, but here it is.

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