Need Help.. BAD!

Ray Edester Ray_Edester at
Mon Jan 28 03:44:51 GMT 2008

Hi Robin,

I have replaced the nVidia card setting in xorg.conf with the proper one 
that worked with 6.06.   But no luck.

I "Slocated" for .gnome2 and had so many that I'm reluctant at this time in 
removing it from /home/ray/.gnome2 until I can know more about it.

It has many sub-dirs as "/home/ray/.gnome2/ ****"  as well.
I am ignorant as to its usage and fear to render myself unable to enter the 
OS at all...


Is there as well.  Same caveats apply...



On Saturday 26 January 2008 16:37, Robin wrote:
> >
> > I would certainly hate to have to reinstall 6.06 and lose a lot of
> > work put
> > into the OS over the year(s)!!!!
> >
> > If anyone has some ideas I could surely use them as this has gone on
> > for nearly a week and I have gotten nowhere, so far.
> >
> > Tks,
> >
> > Ray
> This sounds like gnome might be using old configuration files from your
> /home/user/ directory.
> NB! This will remove any settings e.g. backgrounds that you have set up
> If you log out of X (gnome) hit Ctrl-Alt-F2 keys to get to a console and
> login as yourself then enter
> mv .gnome2 .gnome2.old
> mv .gconf .gconf.old
> mv .gconfd .gconfd.old
> Hit Ctrl-Alt-F7 to get back to login screen
> If the issue persists and you have a .gtkrc file in your home directory
> move that out of the way.

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