problems with multiface

méliska meliska at
Sat Jan 19 22:42:51 GMT 2008


I'm a french user of Ubuntu Studio (that explain my horrific english)
I'm using a Multiface I (RME) wich works fine with some linux distributions (Jack-lab, Musix, (((Windoz)))) but I've got problems with routing of HDSPmixer in Ubuntu.
I think version of alsa-driver (1.0.15) and alsa-tools (1.0.14) are not compatible.

What's happen? "Playback" or "Line-In" channels don't send signal in right out channel. For exemple first playback channel plays toward out analog channel "1+2" but only the adat channel "7" receive sound! (Adat channel "7" receive almost playback-channels so it saturates!)

That's not an hardware failure since all is OK with the other distribution... I like this linux distribution and I'm beginning an important work with theater so I need your help!!!

Thanks for your reading...


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